Maximize the potential of your business

Tanatek Inc, a United States company. Tanatek aims to provide innovative products and services to guide the businesses of today. Whatever your technology needs, Tanatek is here to help you make the most out of your technology, and maximize its potential for your business, company, or organization.


Solutions for every industry

With the many developments in internet technology as of the present, your company and business deserves only the best. We have created solutions for each industry to cater to the ever-changing needs in specialized areas, and these are: the faith, religion and nonprofit organization, Arts and Hospitality businesses, engineering firms, educational organization, division, Business Division and for profit organizations.


Helping clients to meet their goals

The main focus of Tanatek is to help their clients meet their own goals in many important aspects of business while using technology to grow their business. Consider us as your outsource technology firm: Technology Strategy and Consulting, e-business Solutions, Computer Application Programming and Designs, Project Management, Professional Services and more.


Best services guaranteed

Tanatek uses the latest products in information technology to give clients options for creative, effective, and powerful ways to connect their business using technology, as well as to take them a step ahead of the competition. Here are some ways by which Tanatek guarantees their clients that they get only the best services in this highly competitive industry.


Superior Technology

Even beginners will have no trouble managing important aspects of their technology, because we have a huge selection of applications developed to accomplish such tasks. Whether you need tools and programs for your business, online marketing, e-commerce, website building, and others, Tanatek makes is possible and hassle free.


Our Industry Experience

With our team of Technology Professionals, IT Consultants professional programmers, LAN Engineers, software developers, expert writers, and qualified graphics and web designers, you can be sure that you get only the best quality services to drive your business forward. Our teams aim to cost-effective products and business solutions to all our clients. With more than fifty years of combined experience from our staff, we give you nothing but the most reliable and expert services.


Our Focus

Our professional teams have been highly trained, experienced, and are experts in the demanding industry of technology. We at Tanatek aspire to provide efficient, dedicated, and reliable services for the utmost satisfaction of our valued clients. We have qualified staff from various fields all working together with your business goals in mind.


24/7 Customer support

At Tanatek, our registration process is simple and convenient. We also are proud to offer 24/7 customer support to answer to all the needs of our clients. With our expertly managed systems, you can be assured that there will be no downtime, so you waste no time in managing and running your business.


Get in touch

Our company headquarters are located in Randallstown, USA, and we can easily be contact through our website, anytime you need our assistance. Whatever your specific needs are, for your youth organization, church organization, or your business, Tanatek will be there giving you only the best products and top quality services.